Enwritenment™ Retreats and Workshops: Creative abundance through the Cultivation of a Daily Writing Practice 

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts— July 24th-28th, 2019

Orvieto, Italy— November 3rd-8th, 2019

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Where will your writing take you? We can all use a little time for ourselves and devoted to our creative selves. An Enwritenment workshop or retreat is an opportunity to inspire yourself, relax, and met other writers.

I love working with writers and other creatives to help them develop their creative gifts and attain creative abundance. Through my own artistic experiences and struggles, I’ve learned the secret to success begins with the cultivation of a daily creative practice. In Enwritenment™ workshops and retreats, I share my experience with you. The idea is to help you cultivate your own daily writing and creative practice to become, in a sense, a devotee to your creative expression, someone sustained and nurtured by creativity.

Borrowing principles from the world’s spiritual traditions and applying these to our work, I teach that when we approach creativity with our full attention and intention, using rituals to get us to the page or canvas, or camera, and ideas such as gratitude, surrender and play to keep us ‘practicing’, we can tap into an abundance we’ve never experienced before.

The results are transformational. When we finally devote ourselves to our creative work, we discover a source which sustains and nurtures us, not only in our creative pursuits, but our entire life become embed with creative magic. We become creators of our lives.

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To tap into your deepest talent, you need to seek out a calm, restful state of mind where your head isn’t defending your delicate ego and your heart can bloom open a little.

—Mary Karr

Course Description

Applying concepts such as devotion, gratitude and surrender to the act of writing, Enwritenment workshops explore how principles often associated with spiritual pursuits, can help us cultivate a daily writing practice and sustain us as writers and creatives.  In-class prompts and discussions are designed to get you to the page and keep you writing deeply once you are there, with more curiosity, joy and purpose than ever before.

Each class is devoted to the exploration of one concept.  We write around and discuss these ideas in order to embody how these can help us write more creatively, deeply, and freely—to achieve writing abundance.

Workshops are held from 10-1 each day.  Afternoons are free to allow time for writing and exploring the local area. We reconvene in the evening for readings and dinner.

Each workshop and retreat is slightly different. Please click on a specific workshop above to see specific details.

Enwritenment™ workshops and retreats are designed to inspire and help you build a daily practice, while leaving you with actual work you can take home and develop. The specific tools and ideas used in the workshops will help you access the language, voice, and images imprisoned within you, which infuse your writing with its beauty, power, and authenticity.

I’ve been writing for thirty years. But only in the last seven have I found joy and connection in writing, and, ultimately, success.  It’s no mystery why and how this has happened–when I devoted myself to writing daily, the gifts began to come.

Writing everyday is its’ own challenge.  In response to these challenges of sitting and writing daily, I developed prompts, readings, inspirational quotes to keep me writing, and which continued to open me to more writing and more creative ideas.

This unique approach borrows concepts and principles found in monastic teachings throughout the world, and applies them to the act of writing. And this is what I want to share with you regardless of where you are in your writing career, no matter what your relationship is to the page.

In these workshops I share with you the understanding I stumbled upon as an act of grace. I want you to find your way the same creative abundance I have discovered—a place where you write, and empty, only to find you are filled with more to say.



Enwritenment: Cultivating a Daily Writing Practice
Nov 3-8th, 2019, Orvieto, Italy
All Genres/All Levels
$1495.00 includes 6 nights accommodations in Orvieto,
Welcome wine reception on Sunday evening, breakfast, 5 daily workshops with Justen Ahren.

Fees do not include transportation to and from Orvieto or lunch and dinner. There are many great restaurants in Orvieto to choose from. Please plan to arrive on Sunday and depart Saturday.  For an additional fee, it is possible to arrange a longer stay at Hotel Duomo.

More about Orvieto, here and here.


“I make a list for Thanksgiving of things I am grateful for, and the Italy Enwritenment Retreat was one of the things on it. I got so much out of it both for my writing and for deepening my life, it was certainly worth it.”

—Kate M., Los Angeles

“How is it you can take a group of strangers and in a day make us trust and believe in our writing so deeply that we are unafraid to bare our souls to one another? Truly, a gift.”

— Sarah C., Truro, Ma.

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